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Full Acreage Services

Black Dog Drilling & Environmental Services has partnered with Certified Private Sewage System Installers to provide you with full acreage servicing in addition to all your Water Well Drilling needs.

Through our Certified Installers partnership you can now contact us for:

  • Certified Septic Design and Installation
  • Holding Tanks
  • Septic Mounds
  • Sewer Tie-Ins

As a land owner you can be confident in knowing that our recommended Certified Installers will work with you to ensure that you have an affordable, well-designed, well-built septic system based on hydraulics, drain back, earth coverage and cold weather parameters.

Our recommended partnerships also allow you to contact us for the following services:

  • Water Well Tie-Ins
  • Power Hook-Ups
  • Basement Excavations
  • Road Building